UX Design Agency

UX Design Agency

We aim to rapidly improve on your products and applications with collaboration, design and regular development.

Improving the interface and experience of your products is often the key factor in differentiating you from your competitors, market leaders keep re-iterating their design to maximise their reach. Be it, websites, mobile apps, or web apps, we use empathy and detailed research to create our user-friendly digital products.


There’s only one way to discover the best design for your users, and that’s to involve them in your research. To discover what users want and when, we employ a range of research techniques, including user interviews, stakeholder workshops, ethnographic observation, surveys and user testing to create and map persona needs.

By prioritising end-users in our design process, both you and your users will benefit from a solution that has been validated and works.


Content isn’t always thoroughly considered during a digital project, but at Cyber-Duck we put a strong content strategy at the heart our projects. We use our research to determine a bespoke content strategy for your digital real estate.

By defining the hierarchy of content and information flow, we can show you how to translate your core messages into copy, graphics and video. With our strategy, you’ll enjoy consistent cross-channel messaging. Ultimately, as an expert UX design agency we can ensure your website achieves your business goals.


When creating a new digital product, you need to know it will work. Our UX agency in London has adopted an iteration design process. That means we prototype our designs to test them at key stages.

We create low-fidelity interfaces to test products before generating high-fidelity models with added artwork. This is a proven method you can truly rely on, one that omits any usability issues while it’s still easy to correct them so you can get the most from your investment.


There’s only one thing that’s better than an inspiring creative direction – one that’s proven to engage your users.

Our UX agency in London will take inspiration from a wide range of sources, including user research. As such, we combine creative ideas with real world insights to generate exciting platforms that not only look beautiful, but work beautifully too.


Test, test and test again. We meticulously test our products throughout the entire product lifecycle, using eye-tracking, remote testing, A/B testing, focus groups and more.

By validating our designs through testing, we fine-test our deliverables to meet user needs and craft memorable experiences, every time.